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Pure, raw and natural honey. Fit for a Queen.
MtnHoney is 100% pure, raw, unheated and unfiltered. Harvested to preserve all the natural enzymes, pollen and floral essences honeybees put into it, creating the highest quality flavor. Our honeybees collect nectar from native mountain flowers offering an organic blend of taste and natural goodness.
MtnHoney Voted “Best Tasting Honey in America”
The Webb’s have been awarded top honors at the 2012 Black Jar Honey Contest sponsored by the Center for Honeybee Research in Asheville, NC. Voted “Best Tasting Honey in the USA”, MtnHoney was selected from entries throughout the US.
2013 Dark Sourwood Honey
This year has been an unusual weather changing year. Because of the extreme rainy season our Sourwood Honey is darker than the bees usually gather. The quantity is also smaller than any year we have experienced. BUT it has a wonderful Sourwood aroma and taste. Please enjoy our Sourwood MtnHoney.
New this Spring - Allergy Relief Honey
For 2013 MtnHoney is offering a new blend of our wildflower honey that is truly a unique combination of all our seasonal honeys to help relive floral allergies. Our Allergy Relief Honey is 100% raw, unheated and unfiltered pure honey which retains all the pollen, propolis, live enzymes, vitamins, minerals and antioxidant properties. Available in April 2013..
Charter member of the Russian Honeybee Breeders Association
No chemicals or antibiotics ever used in the beehive.

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